CAKE quiz: do you want your facebook profile to stay up after you die?

What would you want to happen to your Facebook profile after you die?

Is it creepy to keep it up? Or is it a really nice place for your loved ones to go and remember you?  In a way, it can become a virtual tombstone…

Each week we highlight the results from a question that is on one of our CAKE cards.  We asked and you responded:

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(“Other” answers included “I don’t know,” “let my children decide,” and my favorite, “spam others weekly so they never forget me.”)

I have friends who have passed away, and their Facebook page remains a nice place for us to leave messages when we’re thinking of them. It’s a nice place to visit when I’m missing them. On the flip side, I’ve also gotten notifications from people who have passed away, which feels really eerie and uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we were a bit surprised that most people would want their Facebook profile to be deleted after they pass away.

At some point, all the tech giants will have to figure this out.  Everyone agrees that at some point, there will be more dead people than alive people on Facebook.

Right now Facebook actually does offer more options than most other digital accounts do regarding what you would want to happen to your account after you pass. You can designate a “Legacy Contact.”  For more information, see our post on options for your social media  accounts after you die.

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