Superheroes and Star Wars characters at your funeral

It’s your funeral, you can do what you want to.

There have been many touching examples of people’s lives being commemorated in a way that would have made them very happy–some of our favorite examples are below.




Sebastian Gerena was 7 when he passed away from a heart condition.  He had his favorite superheroes as pallbearers at his funeral.



Jesse Heikkila was also 7 when he passed and had superheroes in his funeral. People showed up dressed as superheroes all along the funeral procession.


Brayden Denton was 5 when he died of brain cancer. To commemorate his bravery, his loved ones dressed as superheroes at his funeral. Spiderman was his favorite.




Gordon Deacon of Wales was a huge fun of Star Wars and told people they should not wear black–they should wear Star Wars costumes as long as it was not Darth Vader.


Jack Robinson was 4 years old when he passed away from a brain tumor. His unique wish was to have a star wars-themed funeral.



We hope these stories inspire you to remember that you can do whatever you want for your funeral.  Think abut what you might want and let your loved ones know.

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