Why “CAKE”?

You may think CAKE is kind of a strange name for a service that helps you think through your end of life preferences.

We wholeheartedly believe that expressing what you want at end of life is all about living well and celebrating life’s moments.  It’s all about the milestones–big and small–that we experience in life.

Getting yourself clear on what you want, and making sure your loved ones know, is not morbid at all–it’s a gift.  It gives you and the people you care about the freedom to savor every moment of your life.

We also want this service to be as easy to use as possible–that is, a piece of CAKE 🙂

We were formerly known as My Exit Strategy, which did convey some aspects of our mission–our team believes that thinking about end-of-life should be strategic. The analogy to exit strategies in business was no accident: as the head of a company, you would never wait until the very last minute to think about your exit, so why would you do that with your life?

CAKE is even better though, because it encapsulates our core mission so well: we want to 1) make it easy to 2) celebrate life.

CAKE logo (joincake.com)

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